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The Art of the Social

House of Distinction is an intimate and exclusive event series that allows invited guests to support charity whilst enjoying the grandeur of stunning homes.

The social series twists the traditional charity dinner into a unique and captivating evening full of lustre. Experience the renaissance of the ‘art of the social’.

House of Distinction’s modern take on an exclusive private supper club offers an array of benefits to guests, including:

House of Distinction aims to:

1. Revolutionize the gala experience.

/revəˈlo͞oSHəˌnīz/: to change (something) very much or completely : to cause a revolution in (something)

The traditional gala experience is lackluster at best. A seated dinner with hours of speeches and videos isn’t overly engaging. House of Distinction promises the quintessential guest experience of a reception-style gala in a stunning residence with exquisite food & beverage, first class service, and amazing entertainment, creating the ultimate social benefiting a noteworthy cause.

2. Maximize funds raised for charity.

ˈmak-sə-ˌmīz: to increase (something) as much as possible : to increase (something) to a maximum

Typical galas take place in hotels and banquet rooms where expenses are extremely high. Venue costs, food & beverage, audio/visual and other suffocating costs drive down profit for the charity. House of Distinction events take place in private residences where there are no exclusives and almost all costs are nil or minimal.

The Ring

Behind the amazing and elusive events is a hard-working, community-driven group.

The House of Distinction Advisory Committee is comprised of highly-driven members with a common goal of giving back to their community and deserving local charities.

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